Richmond Tennis Courts Potentially Converted for Bike Polo

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Gold Sprints in RVA

goldspnt, originally uploaded by harriszg.

Seen it? Done it? Either way its an awesome time and you will help the RVA polo squad travel the land in search of victories! Come out to Empire on the 5th and join in on the fun or just cheer people on.

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2 on 2 Turducken Challenge in Richmond, VA

RVA bike polo flier

Turducken Challenge
2 on 2 Bike Polo Tournament
November 22nd -23rd, 2008
Richmond, Virgina

2 on 2 is so much fun and a lot of work. Non stop polo for sure. The North End Knockout was really good. How far is RVA from NYC anyway.

For more info RVA Bike Polo


Winners: Nick & Josh (RVA)

2nd place: Mark & Montana (Philly)
3rd place: Leon (Seattle) & Chris (NYC)

Also there was a radar gun to record a fastest shot competition. Mark Capriotti unofficially hit a 73 MPH shot from a stationary ball. And netted goals were used instead of traffic cones.

RVA Slash 'Em All

SLASH ‘EM ALL, originally uploaded by harriszg.

Just had to repost this Richmond, VA Bike Polo logo I spotted on Flickr. When is RVA gonna call an east coast tournament? I guess they have a few months to decide, 2008 is kind of full but I really hope to go to RVA sometime next year. Maybe even for a friendlies style game day, but with a logo like this who’s gonna believe it’s anything less than a jump in the fire.