quick video about NYC Bike Polo

Canon EOS 5D Mark III: Radball (official demo video)

and the behind the scenes.

Maglianero: Burlington Hard Court Bike Polo

Maglianero: Burlington Hard Court Bike Polo from Gretchen Powers on Vimeo.

Paris Bike Polo

Paris Bike Polo from on Vimeo.

A new one found on Vimeo.

Above The Influence: Concrete Riders

Each weekend, Adam and his bike polo crew take to the streets of NY to ride, compete, hang out and keep each other Above the Influence.

I heard about a bike polo ad being played on Hulu. I spend about 9 hours catching up on Family Guy and The Office and didnt catch the ad. But a friend found it on YouTube.

One minute Young at Heart

One minute Young at Heart from Michael Miller on Vimeo.

El Progreso Bike Polo

El Progreso Bike Polo from Santiago Caffarena on Vimeo.

Thrown Blown

Watch this but go to the YouTube page to watch in HD.

After that check his site, thrownblown.tumblr

Richmond Tennis Courts Potentially Converted for Bike Polo

Seen: Greater Jackson Ward News

Bike Polo Part 1: Donnie

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