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2010 FHBPC in Rouen

2010 French Hardcourt Bike Polo Championships
May 28th – 30th, 2010
Stade Saint Exupéry, Rouen, France

I got this in an email today, thanks for the heads up Simon. Even if you can’t read french and even if you won’t go to their Championship, you should at least follow the flier link to see how great his post for this tournament looks.

More info:
contact [at] guidoline [dot] com

Bike Polo Tilt-Shift: Boston Spring 2010

Bike Polo Tilt-Shift: Boston Spring 2010 from Gustav Hoiland on Vimeo.

Thanks Gus

A stop-motion-esque video compiled from about 1000 still frames that were shot on a Nikon D80 using a Lensbaby tilt-shift lens.

Colors edited in Adobe Camera Raw & Bridge. Compiled using Windows Movie Maker.

Shot/Edited by Gustav Hoiland


Bench Minor rulebook revised

Follow the link to what you need to know if you’re playing in the Bench Minor


Gus, ZACH, and

So Gus was in New York this week playing some polo in The Pit. He was telling me about how he’s in school for photography and posting some of his favorite shots on his website Later I looked up his site and browsed the photos and descriptions he has posted. Some of them I thought are really good and interesting. Like this one of ZACH that I had to send the link to the man himself. ZACH emailed me back happy that his comment need not be approved and asked me to post it here. It’s at least worth a look.

More info:

So-Cal Winter Polo Picnic in LA

So-Cal Winter Polo Picnic II
Bike polo tournament
January 30th & 31st, 2010
North Hollywood Park, 818 LA

From Alex aka Joker:

Its gonna be big out here, we’ve got like 36 or so teams lined up, and a second rink rented out. It could be the future large scale tourney for the Southwest.

More info:

Epiphanie Bike Polo Weekend

Epiphanie Bike Polo Weekend
Bike polo tournament
January 9th – 10th, 2010
Rouen, France

Each team bring a gift. and each team will recieve a gift
No sponsor, no soucy, just some polo as we all like it.

More info:

Adam's Tournament

So Zach asked me to post this.

They are working on a flier with official name, dates and tournament structure info. Check back for all that soon. Till then here is a link to the Google document that is the rules. Look it over and leave feed back. Zack and Adam will see it here as they are not on League of Bike Polo all that much at all.

More info soon….

Boston Bike Polo short video

Boston Bike Polo from Boston Bike Polo on Vimeo.

Boston Bike Polo Put together this short 1:29 min. video that probably sums up exactly what pick-up feels like at the Alston courts. Great place to play polo and I really like that only one in about 20 or so shots of this video has someone posted in goal. The rest of the time it’s like six people playing polo, not 2v2 + 2 tripods. I love it. lets see more.

Keep up to date with Boston’s goings on:

Is stealing a bicycle ethical?

Tom Sachs speaks at WNW aka TrackstarNYC
November 20th, 2009 7pm
231 Eldridge St. NYC

Edit: This flier is different, they (nike) changed the wording from “stealing bikes” to a less agitating “stolen bikes” and asked the fliers be updated.

Second Edit: The photos, Tom Sachs: Stealing Bikes