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Across 110 Street – Dec 4th NYC

New Old Auto Polo

Bet all you polo-of-all-sorts types ain’t seen this

Thanks Ken

Focale 44: the Polo Bike aka “better than nothing”

Focale 44 is proud to introduce one of the first (if not the first) polo bike so far : the Polo Bike. Yes, the bike name is so obvious that you instantaneously know what it is all about.

The attached picture is the only we have now. A kind of spy shot from Eurobike show, taken by La Finca Distribution, our distributor in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
That Polo Bike has been developped in cooparation with a bikepolo team from Toulouse, France. Mainly with one of the crew : Théo Guerry. Starting from a Full Moon bike (Focale 44 first bike of the range), we changed the following parts to make it polo-ready :
- short and raised stem
- laidback seatpost
- confortable seat
- 28/16 gearing
- 2 chainguards
- 700x28c tires
- and last but not least 48-spoke wheels.

Retail price should remain under 600 euros in Europe. Available in november 2010.
Final word : We know that this Polo Bike may not be perfect. However, it exists, which is better than nothing.

That post title sounds super critical, sorry, I’m not real clear where this bike takes on it’s polo bike heritage. It looks like a starter fixed gear that has a set-back post and a spinny gear. It does have 48 spoke wheels, plastic pedals, and a chain ring guard. But none of those things are frame features. Anyway, I got mass emailed about being a blogger and could I post this. So here it is. I wish there were more photos. I’d like to know the geometry. And wondering why there are not brake mounts.

More info:

North Texas Fundraiser

NTBP Fundraiser
1st bike polo tournament
August 15, 2010
Denia Park in Denton, Texas

FIRST EVER NTBP Tournament!!! Register by posting your team name and roster on our facebook page or come prepared the day of. Registration is $15 per 3 person team, $5 will go to the NTBP fund to help buy some supplies we could really use such as a canopy, work lights, balls, loaner mallet supplies, etc. The other $10 will go into a prize pot for the team who comes in 1st place. We will be playing double eliminations with random match-ups pulled from a jar, in other words, lose twice your out. We will be following the rules posted on minus the helmet rule because if you want to risk your brains thats your choice, just know your liable and cant hold anyone else accountable for your stupid decision. Let us know if you have any questions…hope to see you there.

Imperia Tourney – Konstanz, Germany

Imperia Tourney
Bike polo tournament
October 30th – 31st, 2010
Konstanz, Germany

More information soon on
(It’ll still take us some days to finish the website. So please check regularly.)

btw: It’s indoor, baby!

Friday Da 13th (part 4)

Friday Da 13th (part 4)
August 13th, 2010
Tompkins Square, NYC

$5 to race

I’ll be OOT but in 1, 2 and 3 I finished 2nd, 1st, and 3rd place.

Friday the 13th Part II Alley Cat

Winter Whack tourny

Click to see large

Winter Whack
A Hardcourt Bike Polo Tournamnet
August 14th, 2010
Christchurch, New Zealand

A Hardcourt Bike Polo Tournament, just what you need to warm up a bleak Christchurch winter. Sort your teams of 3. We’ve even got prizes to add extra motivation! – Saturday 14th August 2010, 10am start (just after the frost has thawed). Yep it’s the same date as the Worlds in Berlin… “Christchurch – The Berlin of the Southern Hemisphere”.


  1. Polo Disco – Andy B, Malcolm B, Craig J
  2. Polo Beers – Robbie H, Rick Z, Warwick S – (Black Shirts)
  3. Polomotion – Dani, Brendan, Martin – (Auckland)

More info:

Previously: A Bike Polo Sticker…of me

Bombing Down Broadway 2010 NYC

Bombing Down Broadway
Sunday, July 4th, 2010 (reg 2pm – race 3pm)
West 218th Street and Broadway in Manhattan

Not sure how many checkpoints on the way down but you know the drill. Ride from the very top of B’way all the way down to the Bull.

Previously: Bombing Down Broadway 2008

ESPI5 Rules (Final Cut)

Zach just sent me this in an email. I like it!


Uno, dos, tres. Tres el playeros on each team.


Only refs are invested with the power of timeout. They will call one for mechanical repairs or person repairs if someone gets injured. They may also stop the game if they want to explain a call, although they are not required to do so.


1. Teams will be required to wear matching colors, please bring a backup color to wear in the event that your opponent is wearing too similiar a color. If no backup jersey is available, a coin toss will determine which team plays shirtless.
2. Mallets and bikes must not have dangerous protrusions (bolts sticking out, jagged edges, etc), and must be capped on the handle/handlebars.
3. Helmets are required. There’s also plenty of other safety equipment available, so please come prepared.


1. Shots come off the business end of the mallet, unless a defensive player shuffles (or deflects off their mallet) into their own goal. They can deflect off any number of wheels, bikes or walls. Shots that deflect off a teammate’s body are considered shuffles.
2. Wrist shots that are scooped up off the ground with the mallet tip will count as valid shots as long as they never go above the goal’s crossbar, and also do not come from the player’s defensive half of the court. This means you can pass with an air ball anywhere at any height, but if you are attempting to score it has to be done from your offensive half of the court (no long bombs), and it can’t ever go above the cross bar on its journey to the net.
3. Shuffles do not count unless you are shuffling into your own net. That is an own-goal.
4. Half court will be given to scored-on team: play starts when ball or scored-on player crosses half court.
5. If goal gets accidentally moved, a goal judge or ref will fix it. Play does not stop.

Game format: Games will go to time regardless of score. Earlier games in group phase go to 15 mins, later on it will be 20 mins for semi finals, and the 3rd place game and final will be to 30 mins. Play does not stop at 5 goals. If there is a tie score in an elimination game, play will stop at the buzzer, and will restart with normal face off “joust” in sudden death mode (first goal wins the game).

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Seattle Bike Polo video by Garrett