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Brazil loves The Pit

Erika Mader of Lugar-Incomum interviews Birdseye and myself during some regular pick-up games at The Pit in NYC. Here is a link to the post on

Mas bike polo pa los lolos – Beauchef 8 Mayo 09

Sewin sent this. Bike polo is still growing in South America!
Ciclo Palin Santiago bike polo
Especial PA LOS LOLOS!
invita y organiza: Pedalea! Beauchef
Cancha central del Campus de ciencias fisicas y matematicas de la U. de Chile
Beauchef nº 850 (se adjunta mapa)
Viernes 8 de Mayo, 19:50 hrs.
lleven líquidos, ya?

Santiago Bike Polo

Santiago Bike Polo
I found this on Flickr. Forgive me for being mono lingual. Non the less I am impressed. I wonder if they are attending Worlds.