Past Races and Other Events

Polo on Governors Island

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Saturday was the 2nd Manhattan Polo Classic on the opening day of Governors Island. Last year was the first time in 70 years that polo was played in New York City. Johnny Midwest and myself were among the 30 or so people who showed up for the free event.  There was a “private party” set of tents up on the opposite side of the pitch from the free area.  I would guess there were 150 people over there sipping champagne and wearing big hats.

This year was a completely different story. Mostly because Prince Harry and Nacho Figueiras were playing in the match and the promotion was better. I couldn’t even see the field as I rolled up because there were so many people, thousands. I did squeeze my way through to get some shots. But you know how it is, nobody want to move an inch, then I get pissed and start elbowing people out of my way hollering “I’m coming at ya” and “you weren’t here last year, move it!”.

This time around they played 4 on 4 and it was on the same field but this time they set up 10″ boards around the side lines to keep the crowd safely away from the play. Last year was 3 on 3 with no out of bounds. This game of polo is so fun to watch even when it’s just an exhibition match and the other players go easy around the prince. Wild animals! playing on a barely tamed horses makes riding bikes look like playing with matchbox cars.

Midnight Madness da’ Dos

Midnight Madness 2
24 Hour Scavenger Hunt
April 4th, 2009
New York, New York

Saturday April 4th…
Registration at 6:00- 7:00ish… Race will start 7:00-8:00 ish
start:To be announced… tomorrow
end: To be discovered
tons of prizes this year, and booze and strippers… $5 per person…

“we are throwing an all night scavenger hunt/ team race. Teams of 3-5 people will race, wrestle, master blast, and figure out crazy riddles in order to find all the checkpoints and make it to the finish line to win big. This will be an all-night balls to the wall extravaganza.”

April Fools NYC


April Fools Anything Goes
Alley Cat
April 1st, 2009 (start 7:00pm)

Friday the 13th Part II Alley Cat


Friday the 13th Part II
Alley Cat
March 13th, 2009
Tompkins Square Park, NYC

Registration 6:30
Race 7:11 pm
$5 to race

1: Doug D
2: Yatika
3: Grandma
4: Dominican Crihs
5: Victor
6: Chris Cali
7: Kennedy
8: Troy
9: Hiromi
10: Fox
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European Cycle Messenger Championship Berlin 2009

polo ecmc logo sm

European Cycle Messenger Championship
Hardcourt bike polo tournament
May 28th – June 1st, 2009
Berlin, Germany

More info:

There is a lot going on here not just polo. Please check out the info link to see more of what this is about!


Winners: Geneva
2nd place: Munich
3rd place: Berlin

Benefit race for Dagga


In Yer’ Face!! Race
Benefit race for Dagga
November 1st, 2008 (registration 2pm)
New York City

For more info NYBMA

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CMWC Tokyo 2009

CMWC Tokyo flier
Cycle Messenger World Championship XVII
September 2009
Tokyo, Japan

More info soon

Halloween Alleycat NYC


The return of Evil E. One of the biggest races in New York happens to be the Halloween race. This year, like last year it will be happening on the same day as Bike Kill, Oct 25. Expect something mischievous.

Registration 1:30pm at Delancey St. and Pitt St. in Manhattan

For more info NYBMA

Bombing Down Broadway


Bombing Down Broadway
Bike Messenger Race
October 11th, 2008

Bring a bike and some fresh legs, (and $10 for reg.) not too much to think about. Racing will be from the top (218th St.) of Manhattan to the bottom (the bull).
Straight down Broadway.
Winner takes all!

Registration 4pm at 218th St. & Broadway.

Race start 5pm

23 racers, 19 male, 4 female
The race started at 228th Street with check points at 190th, 168, 125, 107, 74, 43*, 35, 12*, Bleeker, Warren*. Finish at the Bull, 11 Broadway. (* = photo CP)

Austin on the bull with $200 cash
1st place male: Austin Horse $200
2nd place: Ralph
3rd place: Dominican Crihs
4th place: Yatika
5th place: Doug D

1st place female: Grace Hunt $50

my photos on Flickr

Blood -N- Dust


Blood -N- Dust
Fixed Gear No Brakes Race
September 27th, 2008
Dayton, Ohio

Must pre-reg with Brett. bloodndust (AT) gmail (DOT) com

I’ll be at this race. Actually, I never ridden fixed brakeless. Well, my old polo bike was fixed brakeless for a while and I did have a bike set up for the track and I did a few night races in Prospect Park last year. But a MonsterTrack style, on the street race.. not really my thing. Who cares right! I’m doing it! I won the last big race in my hometown. Oh, that was a three hour race and I finished 20 minutes ahead of 2nd place (and on my road bike). Whatever, it’ll be fun and I miss my friends in Ohio. They still play polo rough, and I owe Lee something. The winner of the race gets $500.00 and everybody gets to play polo Sunday, on the best court in the country.


$500 Winner: Ben Fry

1st Loser: Brent
2nd Loser: Doug D
3rd Loser: Wrong Way Tommy
4th Loser: Andy Ohio