Question, What Should be a Penalty?

What should be a penalty? (as suggested by Alexis)

So, I guess the question is….
If in this lovely game of bike polo, players were to find themselves playing with little or no regard for our slim set of rules and/or the few accepted codes of etiquette, what is it that shall be done?

I’m seeing two parts to this question. The first part is what should be a penalty?, and the second part is, what should be done?

The rules outlining the tap back in penalty are pretty clearly defined, but in what case(s) should more be required? And if more is required, what should the more be?

If you’d like to leave a comment please note the city where you play. Thanks.

The Future Of Bike Polo

The Future Of Bike Polo a photo set by mrfixedgear

Alexis took some shots of the younger kids in Ottawa playing bike polo. When he told me about it he said he was interested in hearing from other cities to see if they have had any similar experiences with kids taking up the game.
So have any of the big kids let the little kids play?

See the rest of the set by mrfixedgear 

Google Ranking & Did You Register for CMWC Questions?

Do a Google search for the two words, bike polo. And tell me how high ranks.

Just a quick and pointless question. It’s just to counter all the heat over on the “Ball Joint” and “Take Out the Goalie” questions. I check from time to time and a couple weeks ago was not even in the top 10 pages of listings. Today it ranked 3rd listing, maybe it was a fluke.

One more thing, if you are playing polo in The Worlds and have not done so already, please register now. This helps Brian know you are planing on playing, so he can plan when you play.
More on this later. Thank you.

"The Angelo" aka The Ball Joint Question?

“The Angelo” aka The Ball Joint Question? (as suggested by Ben Schultz)

Mad Bike Polo already has a post about “Rules Conference 2008” so maybe check out the thoughts over there too.

I was reluctant to do a post on this because it’s just asking for more rules.
The play is not a golden ticket to scoring. It is good for passing but it is harder to gain possession than say, giving the ball a tap or light hit. It will send the ball into the goal off the end of the mallet, yes. But to carry the ball around is easy, IF you can get to it with no pressure AND as long as no one is able to even SLIGHTLY touch that players mallet. The ball is lost easily. And on rough surfaces it may be lost at a slight bump or crack on the court.
Lots of things can be said, and I’m sure they will, but two points I want to make are:
1. It is not a shuffle. (as some have referred to it as “The Angelo shuffle“)
2. Save your ski poles. Don’t go putting on over sized heads, as in a head big enough for the ball to fit inside the mallet and let the player be able to “scoop” up the ball and carry it around. That is not the same as putting down pressure on the ball and moving it along the playing surface.

To spell it out. Mallets will be broken.

On second thought I do have a few things to say. I first saw this move done by the person it’s named after. Ask him and he calls it simply “The Ball Joint”. When I first witnessed it I was take by how one could carry the ball left or right without looking at it and the release seemed pretty accurate. I will say that I can’t remember any goals being scored in that manner at that time.
Since I only get the pleasure of playing against the Ottawa crew every so often I really wanted to have a trick up my sleeve for them when we met in DC at the 3rd ESPI. In the weeks before I spent some time (using my regular mallet) practicing what I started to call “The Angelo” so if, when in a game against Ottawa, he were to pull out the move, I could counter with the same. But I’m a jackass and couldn’t keep it to myself and about 23 teams worth of players got a first hand look at something that should probably NOT be in the game of polo as a way to score.
I kind of feel like it’s my fault. Also, for the most part, I’ve stopped taking shots on goal in this manner but still use it for passing, sometimes.

EDIT: After reading what Brian of Ottawa wrote, I fully agree. It’s OK for passing but not for shooting. (in a nut shell)

Lief ball joint in The Pit, NYC

Lief ball joint in The Pit, NYC


A debate on the merits of goal tending and specifically on taking out goaltenders. (as suggested by Le Jackal)

So lets hear it.
Sometimes goalies don’t get much pressure.
Sometimes they get more than they can handle.
Sometimes a team never has a goal tender but for a few seconds at a time.
Some teams dedicate a player to sit in goal to solely defend shots on goal.

I’ll say that it’s all OK. Play however you want, but know that this is a physical game and contact is allowed. Etiquette calls for contact to be limited to players near the ball OR near the goal. The rules call for little more, maybe just “No T-boning”.
Two thing I’ve been quoted as saying are “I’m coming at ya” and “take out the goalie”. And that’s pretty much where I stand on the matter.
Now, on the other hand, there is something to be said for a gentlemanly game with little brute force and mostly speed and skill, but that brings me back to what I said first.
It’s all OK. Play however you want.

If you’d like to leave a comment please note the city where you play. Thanks.

Best Bike Polo Analogy Question?

Best Bike Polo Analogy Question? (as suggested by Lucky)

Bike polo, as we play it (little Beirut rules) is most like…

A. Hockey.

B. Soccer.

C. Horse Polo.

D. It’s own thing.

E. Basketball.

If you’d like to leave a comment please note the city where you play. Thanks.

Roughness Question?

How Much Roughness/Toughness/Physicality/Contact is too Much?

I have said things in the past about this, so for now I’ll just sit back and let the comments roll in.
Tell a story, be specific. State your personal experiences, or things you have witnessed. Make things up that might or might not ever happen in a real game of bike polo. Tell us where you play, how long you have played, the different ways you like to play. Go hog wild. Elbows, mallets, head butting, kicking, punching, bleeding, T-boning, bronco moves with the rear wheel, stopping to cause a crash, end-o’s, high sticking, and last but not least open-court checking.

(before we get too hot in here, the F word, and others, will block a comment from posting. Be nice. This is “off court” remember)

bike polo corey dumptruck
3 2 1 POLO!

ESPI 4 Question?

Where will the next East Side Polo Invite be?

So, yeah yeah Boston sux (I love you jerks) and did not show up at ESPI3 in DC a week ago, Spencer did and he’s rad. I don’t think I’m the only one who expected them to be in attendance, play bike polo, and call next years, but they weren’t. What I want to know is who’s calling the East Side Polo Invite 4 in 2009? Philly again? 2005 was a while ago maybe 09′ is not too soon. South Jersey maybe. Or does bean town still get to be a bunch of lazy college students and still host the big East Coast bike polo tourny? And can’t forget RVA!

Do you see what I see?

Do you see what I see?

gas pipe

It ain’t the cone on the left…

The other day as I rode around Brooklyn working on my bike I rolled past a street dig so I slowed down to take a look. I saw that color that I love to see, Yellow (or black w/ red stripes). I figured I shouldn’t just walk over and grab the scrap piece but I thought it couldn’t hurt to take a photo. As I took the picture, the worker noticed me and approached me about my camera. He wanted to know what kind of camera I had and to tell me a story about how a safety inspector, or something like that, had taken a photo from half a block away, of him and his co-worker not wearing safety glasses, and so on and so on. He was a nice guy and we talked a little about how far you can be from a camera and how much it can still capture. Anyway, as I was about to go I asked if that little piece was scrap? He said it was, but if I really wanted some why not grab a bigger piece out of the truck. So we walked over to the truck and he grabbed a three footer (94cm to be exact). Um’ Thanks. Ah, that made my day.
Some have asked where I get the mallet head material that I make my mallets with. The answer is “street finds”. If you are one of the lucky ones who knows how to order plastic pipe, I don’t know if this will help, the code on the pipe reads:
=0232= 2″ IPS SDR 11.0 US POLY UAC 2000 FOR GAS ONLY PE 2406 —- PE2708 CEE —-ASTM D2513 – T11- 1 0 1 3 0 7 NR UPC 000 I<3 U

"Little Beirut" Vs. "Urban" Vs. "Hardcourt"

This is barely worth posting about but I want to know what other players think. The West Coast calls it “Little Beirut”, the media always wants to label it as “urban”, and I obviously prefer “hardcourt” (one word). When players talk to other players it’s simply bike polo, but what makes the most sense and sounds the best when explaining the difference between the traditional version of bike polo (cycle polo) and this version we play?

Actually I just wanted to say I can’t stand the word “urban”, it makes us sound like a store in the mall.
I also hate the word “amazing”.

Edit: I also find the Wikipedia page on Urban Cycle Polo to be cluttered and boring. (I didn’t add a link because I don’t want to promote it. Even with it having a photo of mine on the page, blah.)