10 Minutes Vs. 5 Points


In bike polo there are two general forms of play, pick-up and tournament games. In pick-up the teams and the players on the teams change at the end of every game, the people waiting to play get a turn and some of those who just played wait to play again. The games are not exceptionally important, everyone waiting to play will get more games in, there are no prizes, there is no scoreboard (other than calling out the score). And there is no set allotted time, at least not if the game ends before the crowd gets too impatient. In pick-up, games are played first to 5 points wins.

In bike polo tournaments the games are played first to 5 points wins. I think this has carried over from the majority of games being played as pick-up and never really making the move to a more legitimate time structure. But if one were to think about this in relation to nearly all other sports, our method seems out of the ordinary. Lets take polo for example. In polo the matches are played in chukkas and the score has no impact on the length of the game. Same goes for traditional grass bike polo, soccer, hockey, basketball, football and the list goes on. Even in roller derby, a sport that hardcourt bike polo has a lot to learn from, they compete for two 30 min periods.

The other day Adam put forth the format he purposed to be used at this years East Side Polo Invite 5 in NYC. A noteworthy change is that all games will end at time (that will vary depending on the round) and the widely accepted “first-to-five wins” rule is being abandoned. I think this is a good thing. It’s an absolutely necessary change that will, eventually, have to come into effect.

I’m going to end this short but there are many points to make. And I hope Adam does not mind that I post this quote from a club email.

“first-to-five is going the way of the circle-out. you heard it here first.” Adam Menace

My ESPI 4 coozy, a real collectors item

So did anybody keep theirs? Wondering if coozy swag is good swag in the opinion of bike polo players?

Nok Hockey

Have you played Nok Hockey?

Holy shit, you’re missing out!

This is was sticky

Hi everyone, Boston and Madison have bid for the 2010 North American Hardcourt Bicycle Polo Championships. or or

For the time being I, along with Paul(NYC) Meg (DC) and Ian (RVA) are the four Eastside region (NYC, VA, NJ, DC, PA) organizing body members. Any thoughts/suggestions should be expressed soon. Get involved.

Edit: I have made my vote.

Update: From Ben Schultz

We are pleased to announce that the host-city for the 2010 North American Hardcourt Championships will be Madison, WI. Congratulations MAD!

If you read these bids in their entirety, you know that this was a tough choice between two phenomenal bids. So congratulations goes to both Madison and Boston for presenting bids that were engaging and which demonstrate a desire to raise the bar – set by Seattle this year – even higher.

Finally, congratulations to everyone – so many people helped make this first bid process a productive and relatively smooth one by getting involved, asking great questions, staying on point, contacting representatives in their region – this was a great first step.

Thanks everyone!

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Is stealing a bicycle ethical?

Tom Sachs speaks at WNW aka TrackstarNYC
November 20th, 2009 7pm
231 Eldridge St. NYC

Edit: This flier is different, they (nike) changed the wording from “stealing bikes” to a less agitating “stolen bikes” and asked the fliers be updated.

Second Edit: The photos, Tom Sachs: Stealing Bikes

Yeah that's great but where's Montana?

One question I wish Mr. Manson would have asked is: Where’s the money Lebowski?

first annual hardcourt bicycle polo federation world championships” yeah first and only. The Fed is a thing of the past.

But at least polo is still played in Philly. Rizzo Rink has pick-up bike polo every* Wednesday at 7pm.

Did Adam really retire from bike polo?

I was at the bar talking with bike polo’s most angry sober person about why he quit playing. He said some interesting things.

But first a look back….

Ok, in a nutshell I asked Adam why he quit. Tell me three reasons. I got four, here they are very condensed.

  1. “There are no rules” in the game (some cussing about that). Also “no refs” and “no penalties”.
  2. “has had no success”.
  3. “no love”. He does not love bike polo anymore. Not more than hockey.
  4. “the new people”.

It’s my theory that we will see Adam this weekend at LMM. Maybe he’s just in this “I retired” act to add to the whoopla of him playing in Los Marcos. I seem to remember him doing something similar around the time of NYC in MAD. He made up some story about how he was spending New Years Eve in Bogata or somewhere of the sort so no one would think he was gonna be in Madison. But he was in Madison.

Wanted, Ride from MKE to NYC for LMM

So who’s got room in the car for one more from the Mid-west to the East Coast?

Here’s the deal, lovely Kremin would love to play some awesome bike polo and hang out in New York for this hobo picnic in The Pit October 4th & 5th, but… he needs a ride.

Who can help?

IMG_4502 Kremin - Milwaukee at 2008 NACCC Bike Polo

THE (as in Theeeee) Question?

Q. How many bike polo web sites does it take to screw in a light bulb?

A. Maybe just one more.

This Is Begging For a Caption

Can you give this a caption or quote?

bike polo bush see you at the pit

The real story, from is boring, lets make jokes.