Fyxation Mesa Pedal

Fyxation sent out some of their new plastic (really they are high impact nylon) platform BMX pedals. I’m a little between polo bikes right now ( i don’t have one) so these went on a work bike. I have been riding them daily for a few weeks now.

When I rolled the bike out for the first time with these things I didn’t get to the end of the block before I thought “these feel good!” Weeks later and now that the weather has let me switch from big boots to my regular shoes I still think the same thing. These are nice pedals.

This is going to be a quick review. These Fyxation Mesa Pedals meet my picky standards for pedals. I’m going to pick up another set of black ones for my polo bike. I like these pedals and think most might too.

  • Thin profile
  • Large platform
  • I feel no flex
  • Grippy to my shoe soles
  • Bushing and double sealed bearings
  • Installs with 6mm hex wrench
  • $47.95 from Fyxation

More info: Fyxation

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Squarebuilt Polo Bars

Nate’s Squarebuilt Polo Bars

Chombo’s Squarebuilt Polo Bars

Mack’s Squarebuilt Polo Bars

DAB Magazine Issue#1

DAB magazine, out of Rochester, New York, is the first devoted to bike polo. And here is a peek at the first issue.

It’s a good first effort with submitted writing, and photos. Also product reviews and event re-caps. Looking forward to more.

I heard the editor is open to submissions, if interested try the gmail address bikepolozine.

More info:

and a tumblr:

Bruiser POLO FORK – S700 120mm now Available

Image from Ben’s Cycle

I just got word that the 120mm polo fork that Milwaukee Bicycle Co. and I worked together to make is now available.

I’ve been riding this fork since before 2010 Worlds and it’s great.

When I was working with Drew at MKE to make this happen I had this to say about the idea.

“I was thinking about the convenience of having one spare wheel to replace the front or rear, especially in tournament situations. A 120mm spaced fork made specifically for polo would mean more interchangeability, less spare parts, more gearing options for us single speed and fixed riders. And it would mean that any bike with this fork would breathe polo.”

Check the Ben’s Cycle site for all the specs and pricing.

More info:

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Go take a look. It’s the best thing.

Eighthinch V2 update

Seen on the Eighthinch website..

We just got in our new V2 bike polo mallets and it looks like a few minor changes went a long way. The design remains the same but the compound used is all new and much improved. The weight stays the same at 120g but cracking issues have been solved and the new compound is a lot stronger giving the mallet a much longer life. The slot for the recessed nut has also been tightened up to reduce stripping.

$5 replacement plan: New or old, our mallet heads are covered by a $5 replacement plan. Send your damaged or worn out EighthInch mallet back to us along with $5 to cover outgoing shipping and we’ll send you a new mallet free. International customers can warranty their mallet through their local EighthInch dealer.

The production run hasn’t made it in yet but we’re going to be giving out our first batch of V2 mallets down at the Desert Polo Invite next weekend. If your down there competing you’ll be treated to a complementary mallet/shaft. It leaves us with a few available for sale here until the production run arrives in February.

Stay tuned for our new lightweight tournament mallet that’s in the works too. That model will be an all new design but we’ll have more details once we get some testing done with them.

You have to admit $5 shipped for a new mallet head ain’t bad. And did I read that correct? Entry in DPI equals a free mallet/shaft set up. Bring some hockey tape.

But I imagine V2 with still need to go on a drill bit diet to reach a playable weight.

Also, this new design has me curious, I’m thinking eighthinch may have learned something from their woes from V1.

More info: Eighthinch

New Compound for Eighthinch mallet heads

Seen in my RSS for Eighthinch but oddly can’t find it on the site. That might have been because the post was pulled from the site but not the feed.?

Below is what was posted with the photos.

Last night I got the first photo’s of our new bike polo mallet. The design remains the same but the compound used is all new and much improved. The weight stays the same at 120g but cracking issues have been solved and the new compound is a lot stronger giving it a much longer life. We’ll release more details once we get them in stock. We’ll have a bunch down at the Desert Polo Invite at the end of the month. Stay tuned for our new tournament mallet that’s in the works too.

From a friend in Cleveland

More: fuckyeahbikepolo on Tumblr

Thanks Alex!

Fyxation ad in Urban Velo

Seen in Urban Velo

Here is another pedal ad in the current issue of Urban Velo that has bike polo in it. This ad is a little less obvious but that is no doubt a mallet shaft on the left side, and where else do you see bike riding through a chain-link fence.

These pedals being plastic are better for polo than any metal platform pedal, probably cheaper too. But in my VP Components post from a couple days ago I said I don’t like pedals with two large openings, here is an example of that.

More info: