Zach’s 3Rencho polo bike

A slideshow of my photography at Bike Shorts

I’m giving Ken Stanek a slideshow of my photography for his Bike Shorts show in a week.

Over 100 photos, most of which have not been seen before, consisting of work, racing, riding and portraits from 2006 to present.

Be sure to arrive early to see this because my photos are not in the main program of short films, instead they can be seen on screen before the shorts, or maybe after?

One last thing, I heard there is free beer and free food and no cover.

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Squarebuilt Polo Bars

Nate’s Squarebuilt Polo Bars

Chombo’s Squarebuilt Polo Bars

Mack’s Squarebuilt Polo Bars

Popular Mechanics January 1935

The Amazing Return of the “Bikes”
Popular Mechanics Magazine
January 1935

Some “bicycle basketball” looking more like rad ball. Seen in Popular Mechanics.

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DAB Magazine Issue#1

DAB magazine, out of Rochester, New York, is the first devoted to bike polo. And here is a peek at the first issue.

It’s a good first effort with submitted writing, and photos. Also product reviews and event re-caps. Looking forward to more.

I heard the editor is open to submissions, if interested try the gmail address bikepolozine.

More info:

and a tumblr:

January 31st, 2011 The Pit

Not much polo going on this week. NYC broke the all time snow fall record for January.

And then there are our park neighbors. See this and this.

January 23rd, 2011 The Pit

Paul and Joe (SF) were at The Pit first with shovels.
I was there for that but left to watch the Flyers vs. Blackhawks game with Zach.
Later Paul had Frank draw Chicago Bench Minor Captains draft pick order out of a hat.
I remember a few names but not the full order.
I posted a thing on
The sun was out but it was super cold today.

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Dogs, Bike Polo

For you Ken.

December bike polo in The Pit