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Across 110 Street – Dec 4th NYC

Naked Raygun – Vanilla Blue

Warpaint – Undertow

Warpaint “Undertow” from maudegone on Vimeo.

If You See Something, Skate Something.

Here’s another poster I caught while riding. Click it for a close up to read the fine print.

Racing Stripes at the OUTLIER store

OUTLIER shares a space with an art gallery and right now there is an ongoing interactive video painting called Racing Stripes. I was leaving ESPI 5 on Saturday and rolled past the store and Tyler told me about it. The cool thing is you can see it from the street and it is active from early morning, though the entire day, and stops at 2AM. But it starts up again the next morning. And every minute the ever changing image is posted to a Flickr account. Roll by and check it out.

Mike Legg’s wacky goal

Spotted this on the London forum.

A Tree at The Pit

Last March a tree in the Broome Street walk though of the Sara D. Roosevelt Park was cut down.

It seemed that it could have been due to a chance that the tree was diseased or was a hazard. But it also seemed very likely that it was really just removed to make space for the large city trash trucks that park in the walk through on a regular basis. I have a few photos of this from the past months but this one give you a clear picture.

But finally, 14 months later there was a new tree planted in it’s old place. I was happy to see this.


Kennedy is a messenger working for V.I.P. Messenger Services in New York City.

See more in my Flickr set.

Seagull’s “black bags” deal

Need a good bag for a good price? check out Seagull Bags out of Ohio.

And if custom bags are your thing, Seagull has the market cornered. This gallery is worth the look!

And on a side note you could ask about the mallet holding add on they have made in the past. I like it.

Also I’d like to share that these guys and girls are really cool people and I have played polo with them in Columbus and some of you may remember they were also at 2009 Worlds in Philly. Plus some of you are wearing the prize bags they have sponsored polo events with in the past. Good people.

More info: Seagull Bags