I'm a regional rep elected to NA Hardcourt

I am one of the regional reps elected to NA Hardcourt last week. Even though I have not made many posts about this here on hardcourtbikepolo.com I plan to be involved with the others and hope to see progress from the group.

If you are unsure what NA Hardcourt is Kev wrote something in Urban Velo that is a good starting point. Hardcourt bike polo gets organized.

I want to let everyone within the Eastside region know they can get a hold of me anytime if there is something you would like to talk about. Email me, I’ll give you my phone number and we can talk.

SE Sansin 40 Hole Hub

SE Sansin 40 Hole Hub, originally uploaded by Sveden.

From Sveden’s Flickr.
Follow link for his description.

Benefit Auction for Mike "Grandma" McFadyen

Please help and donate to get Mike “Grandma” McFadyen back on the street and back on his feet

Friday night, before all the LMM stuff started I was riding my bike on Canal in the city and found a fellow biker and NYC messenger at the intersection of Centre Street. He had been hit by a car and was in really bad shape. He was wearing a helmet and had brakes on his bike. The helmet saved his life and his bike is destroyed. It’s been five full days and he is still in the hospital. Some friends and family are hosting an auction to benefit Mike. If there is any way you can donate it would be greatly appreciated.

See info on the flier.

Mike, I’ve been thinking about you and hope you get well soon!

The Day Before The Melee

A few sneak peaks of what is to come.

Of course this is unauthorized and if I were playing in this clusterfork of an event I might lose points for the leaks, or who knows I might get points for pouring attention on them. Either way I’m still gonna stand back when Ken aka BEANO blows a gasket. Monday never seemed so far or felt such longing from one man. Maybe not many of you know this but he’s about to lose it. I saw him tonight and it looked like he didn’t even remember his name. And he needs a haircut worse that Adam ever did. He said he rode his bike across the country this summer but he looks like he’s been living in the subway tunnels. Speaking of tunnels, I’ve been keeping my ear to the ground about all this Los Marcos business and I heard that Los Marcos won’t be able to make it to their own event due to a tunnel collapse. But word has it one of them was on the right side and the other two are trapped or vice versa… not sure. I think there are gonna be so many wanna-be’s wearing dumb masks this weekend no one will even notice. Not after how wasted people are gonna get on FOUR.

On a 100% serious note, Ken needs tables for the food. Something at The Pit big enough to set all the food he’s feeding you. Any leads on tables.. or even some sawhorses and a unhinged door should be directed to him soon.

Also, I’m wanting to do another series of polo players and their gear this weekend. I might ask you for a few second to snap a flick or you could ask me.

The shirt.

The spork card



eric patton EP drips krink rag

I wish I had more time to keep this blog up to date but so many things in my life are changing right now. I took loads of photos at the 6th Mid-West polo tournament but some of them (over 250 images) got deleted due to a mistake I make with my memmory cards. Oops. I still had plenty to remember the weekend by. It was mostly action shots that i lost. Here is a link to some of the ones I turned on for public view on my Flickr photostream http://www.flickr.com/photos/24081430@N06/sets/72157618934858356/
This summer I’m going to be on a cross country bike ride and I’ll be away from any computer for most of that time. Posting and sharing photos may be less often, so you all know. I did just get back from the COG/MKE Bicycle Co. polo tourney in Milwaukee and I did get a few dozen shot out there but I think the guys at COG might want a few for an upcoming issue so for the time being I won’t have any here or on my flickr.

Speaking of the COG/MKE tourny I want to say Thanks! to Jake Newborn for hosting a great tourny and for letting my team and I sleep at his house. Drew at Milwaukee Bicycle Co. / Bens Cycle for putting so much time, effort, prizes, and help into this tourny. There is no way it would have been everything it was without you! And a personal thanks to RJ and the guys in the shop for letting me use the stand to reassemble my polo bike. Thanks to COG mag for presenting one of the best talent pools of polo players. The teams in Milwaukee were from all over! And all of them were the best of the best. Great new issue by the way, my boys in Dayton were stoaked to see the newest issue a little early. I also met the guys from Velocity who came out to see some first hand polo action.  OH! and thanks to Red Bull for sending out the Red Bull girls with some cold cans on Saturday and Sunday!
I keep thinking I should carry around a note book and make notes of some of the quotes i hear at these polo weekend events. I have a few funny things I heard floating around in my head. The collective group that gets together for these things really make my day. I’m gonna miss the next couple of tournys. But I can’t deny that I could use a break from polo in general. Riding from NY to CA with a group of strangers isn’t what I would think of first but it fell in my lap and I’m gonna run with it. Los Marcos may be my next tourny. See you there in NYC.

The photo above is EP see what he’s got going on over at Circles, Rust, Drips…

I have a ton of photos from Dayton…

The only problem is finding time and a good connection to upload them all. Then there is sorting and all the other little details that make me not want to sit in front of a computer. But here are the 6th Mid-West Bike Polo Champeenship winners, Beaver Boys (Kremin, Joe, Brian) from Milwaukee, WI. They finished on top of 27 teams from all around the mid-west, beating Madison A aka “Wisconsin B” (Ben H., Jonny H., Jon A.) in the final game 5-4.

This weekend was a load of fun for me! I got to team up with a pair of Dayton players I learned the game with a handfull of years ago. We had a blast tearing shit up on our home court. The game we, Wet Nitemaer, played against Triple Lex was one of the most fun games I’ve ever played. They had us by 3 points(?). Maybe it was 0-3 or 1-4 and it was a super fast paced game rushing up and down the huge rink. We got back in it and had them at 3-4 and it was about one min. left in the game. Having just gone back to our half after we scored Lexington was taking sweet time getting the ball back in play. Maybe because my team had regained momentum in the quickly closing game. I riped a turn at half court, sat on the line and yealled “Bring the ball over the line you pussies!!” The crowd was making so much noise too. One of them did bring it over and it got sent loose. Somehow it got in reach of Goldie who played the entire day on a freewheel brakeless mountain bike and he scored from beyond 3/4 court! Making it a 4-4 game. I think everyone watching went wild, I heard Goldies face was a explosion of joy. Brett, my other teammate was so happy he forgot we still had a hand full of seconds left to play. I saw Lex bring the ball back and got past me at the half court, and with a net open they retured with a game winning goal at the very end.

That was fun.

On Saturday there was the Gem City alleycat. 52 racer set to the streets of Dayton at 7pm from the polo courts and raced for the next 2 + hours. I called it that I was not aiming to win the polo because I had my sights on the race. I had the lead off the start and leading up to the 3rd check point till there was a mix up with East Babbit St. and West Babbit St. I went back and forth a couple times not finding the CP person with about 50 other racers ripping U turns right behind me. I had no idea where the CP was because they were NOT where they were suposed to be. And because of the way the race was set up, the CP was where you got a small slip of paper telling you where to go next, I had no idea where to go next!! Looking around in a panic and making calls to the organizers for the next 5 min. I got left behind by 20 or 30 other racer who had found the CP person without me knowing. Finally I got on my way. making it to the next check point late, I asked “how many?” the response was “oh man, i dont know A LOT“. I was not happy but I remembered  a conversation I had with a friend about not giving up. So I rode my ass off to get all 8 slips so I could get started on the first manifest and give some colorful words to the organizers. I did not ask how many were in front of me. I looked at the list of do-in-any-order CP’s and asked where Bacon St was. “look at your map” is the answer I got back.

I took off. I was basically alone for the whole time and with some stroke of luck and residual knowledge of Dayton streets from my Brown Street Subhouse food delivery days, I somehow did the list of CP’s in perfect order. Making my way back to the bar to find out if I was in the top 18 rider (only the top 18 would go on to the last manifest).

I was in first! I started the last manifest.

I stayed in first the entire time till the end. I was wooped, the hills and the felling of defeat slowed me down at times but I kept the pace because I had no clue how much time I had on anyone. When I made it back to the Century Bar for the finish I was about 10 min ahead of the next racers.

I know there is a bunch of other details I’m leaving out but I’ll add some more details with the photos I plan on posting up in the next few days.

Thank You Dayton Ohio Bike Polo!!!!

And here are the winners of The 6th Midwest Bike Polo Champeenship, Beaver Boys aka Team Pabst. Kremin, Joe, and Brian.

MKE Beaver Boys win 6th Midwest bike polo  copy

A short clip by 13angelo of ESPI 4

Bush, originally uploaded by 13angelo.

Hey Robbie, I know you won NACCC Polo 2008 but be careful not to rack up too many tourny wins or you might end up like me and get dogged by haters for the same thing you’re getting cheers for here. And I’m not pointing fingers at you. I like the play. You’re like the me of Canada.

Nothing Compares

This Is Begging For a Caption

Can you give this a caption or quote?

bike polo bush see you at the pit

The real story, from quickrelease.tv is boring, lets make jokes.

Polo Players Going To Worlds

I got a good response to the photo set I did of players from the NYC BBQ Tourny. So I want to try to do the same at CMWC. Basicly I want to find a spot good enough and have each individual player, with their bike and mallet, stand for a quick photo. All I’ll ask for is your name and the city you represent, stand however you like. I’ll make a photo set of all the players and their names for everybody to look at and maybe help remember names for the next time we all meet.
Pretty simple.
Of course if I ask and you’re not interested, just say so. I’ll be OK with that too.
If you haven’t seen the BBQ Players set, I have them on Flickr.

Thanks in advance,
Doug D